Name – Auxaia

Platform – Facebook

Role – Game Designer

Tools Used – Microsoft Office, Photoshop & Unity 3D

A Fantasy based Social Game on the theme “Save The Tiger” for Planete Tigre in 2 weeks during the Double Intensive Week @ DSK Supinfogame between 19th Mar to 30th Mar 2012.

We had to develop a concept that would spread awareness about the situation of tigers and also help Planete Tigre generate funds via the game’s business model. We chose a fantasy setting for the game in order to attract players, the aim is to provide players with a fun game and at the same time deliver a subtle message about the problems faced by the tigers in real life by adding those events in the game.

Everyday will have various quests (story quests which pertain to the problems of tiger) which the player can choose to do alone or send their friends. This will encourage players to invite more friends to use them for clearing quests if they don’t have the time for it or to cover more quests in less time. Also, players can send in gifts to their friends.

Regarding the monetization, the players will be able to purchase Planete Tigre Tokens” which will help them get customizations for their village like different textures for buildingscharacter re-customizationdifferent building modelsgoldwood & food. Other items include vanity potionsstory progression gate keys (Allows players to do more quests & reduces the cooldown of unavailability of next quests)

I was the Game Designer and was responsible for the economy system, social aspect and monetization of the game. Developed the “Nurturing Centre” and it’s mechanics. Apart from that I also made the storyboard for the trailer.