Name – Blood Supply

Platform – Windows PC

Role – Project Manager, Game Designer

Tools Used – Hansoft, Perforce, Microsoft Office, Photoshop & XNA

A Tower Defense game which was made by a team of 7 people in a span of 5 days during the Intensive Week at DSK Supinfogame between 30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2012.

It is a classic tower defense game which takes place inside the human body. The goal of the game is to defend the heart from certain viruses that enter the body and approach the heart. The player has antibiotics which he can place and they can eliminate the viruses. The core aspect of the game is resource management as the player has limited blood (currency) and gains blood by killing the viruses to build and place the antibiotics. The enemies have free movement and the player has to place the antibiotics strategically as they change their path if obstructed.

I was the Project Manager and was responsible for delivering a fun and playable prototype before the deadline. Also, I made sure that the game was fine tuned enough to provide a balanced gameplay to the player. Other duties included team management, team organization, task allocation, documentation & planning. Apart from this, I contributed towards the development of the game concept.  

As we made the game using XNA Game Studio, we will be porting the game to the Windows Phone as well soon.