Name – FiZZiKs

Platform – HTML5

Role – Lead Level Designer, Game Designer

Tools Used – Photoshop, Microsoft Office, yED & Construct 2 (HTML5)

A physics based HTML5 game which was made by a team of 4 people in a sprint of 30 Hours for the All India BYOG [Build Your Own Game] held by NASSCOM GDC between 11th to 12th November 2011. FiZZiKs was awarded 2nd Place in the BYOG.

From the available themes, we chose physics and started brainstorming and developed the concept along with the prototype in those 30 hours of sprint. The game was made using Construct 2 game engine. It was developed in HTML5 which is supposed to be the future of video games as it will enable a game to run on multiple platforms without having to tweak it to support different platforms.

I was the Lead Level Designer and was responsible for making the 3 levels of the game. The levels in the prototype denote how the actual game levels would be, the 3rd level can be referred to as the final level of the game which is extremely difficult. I also acted as a Game Designer as I helped developed the Idea into a fully fledged concept.

We are going to adapt this game on the iOS as we believe it will be more suited for touch gameplay.