Name – Nuke

Platform – Live Game

Role – Game Designer, Game Master

Tools Used –  PC, Binoculars, Walkie Talkies, Phone, Water Pistols, Fake Craft Bomb

Nuke was a Live Game based on Alternate Reality and was hosted at our college festival Supinfomania at DSK Supinfogame. The idea of the game was to help the players experience the drama and tension when a terrorist threatens to blow the bomb if they fail to follow his instructions. The number of team members could be from 3 to 5.

The team was split into 2 groups, 1 group would go down in the field to find clues and the other would use a PC to decipher clues. The team which would be on the field had to find the clues according to the hints given by the terrorist. After finding the clues, they had to communicate with the group that was using the PC and help decipher the clues to find out the correct color of the wire which would defuse the bomb. The team which would complete the fastest would take away a cash price of Rs. 10000/-.

I helped developed the game concept & gameplay, apart from that I was the game master and was in charge of creating situations for the players to interact with like clues, public, different tasks. I had to communicate with them continuously to maintain a typical terrorist attack feel to the game, also gave them spontaneous tasks.