Name – Sea Beats

Platform – Facebook

Role – Lead Game Designer

Tools Used – Microsoft Office, Photoshop & XNA

An experimental rhythm based social game which was made by a team of 6 people in a span of 4 days during the Intensive Week at DSK Supinfogame between 7th Feb to 10th Feb 2012.

The player has to control the movement of the mermaid with the mouse and has to evade the bubbles which are emitted from the emitters. The bubbles would be emitted from all the directions according to rhythm of the music. Each song is a different level in the game, the difficulty varies according to the rhythm of the songs. As far as the social aspect of the game is concerned, the players can gift the songs they unlock to other players, also challenging them to beat their score in that particular level. There will also be a global ranking which will list the highest scores of players on the basis of different levels/songs.

Regarding the monetization, the players can pay & become VIPs to gain access to exclusive music tracks which will not be available in the market. The game will have tie ups with music companies and they can advertise their tracks in the game before releasing them in the market. The game would also act as a platform for new artists to advertise their music. Thus, the game does not only rely on the income from players but also from advertisements [new songs].

I was the Lead Game Designer and was responsible for the gameplay, social aspect and monetization of the game. The concepts were approved by “Phil Ulrich” (MXP4) and we had to develop them according to his requirements. It was a first time experience of tweaking the gameplay in a manner to meet the demands. We also used mxp4 technology to synchronize the emitting of bubbles with the rhythm of the music.